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The ADC Theatre is the main student theatre in Cambridge. Officially the building is owned by CUADC and held under trust, but is managed as a department of the University itself.

General Information

  • The proscenium arch is 21'10" wide and 12'5" high.
  • The maximum stage depth is 36'5".
  • The load-in doors are 3'8" x 7'2" and are on the first floor
  • The auditorium seats 228, and has disabled access.

There are two backstage dressing rooms; one for the mainshow, and one for the lateshow. These are separated by a Green Room with some seating, an audiovisual stage relay, and three toilets. Each dressing room has a shower located off it, as well as two sinks with electric shaver sockets. DR1 also has a washing machine and tumble drier, which are available for use (although are primarily provided for laundering theatre-owned items).

The access to stage from the dressing rooms is to Stage Left. Entrances can be made directly onto the main stage, or onto the forestage through a Juliet. Similar entrances can be made from Stage Right if a get-round is created behind the stage backdrop.

Load-in access is via a straight staircase from the theatre yard, with a 90-degree left turn at the top in order to pass into the front row of the auditorium. Particularly large items of set can be flown onto stage through the stage traps (11'7" x 3'4"). Access should be checked carefully if large items of set are being used.

The venue has a fly tower, with counterweight and hemp systems for flown set. The Theatre owns a selection of flying equipment. There is a fully-equipped workshop for building set, which ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom shows can use for free.

Room Booking

The Theatre bar, Larkum Studio, dressing rooms and stage area may be used for rehearsals or meetings dependent upon availability. There is an online booking diary where you can check the availability and book space for your show at [1]. You will need to have created an entry on camdram before you can log in to book rooms. This facility is only available for productions taking place at the ADC Theatre.

Productions are allocated 12 hours per week for rehearsals. If you require extra time you should contact the theatre's Production Manager.