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The Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club is the oldest university dramatic society in England and the largest dramatic society in Cambridge.


CUADC puts on around 20 shows every year. These cover a huge range of subject matter and playwrights. The club also puts on a programme of professional and student-run workshops for actors, directors and technicians as well as a series of late-night experimental pieces known as One Night Stands.


Everybody involved in a CUADC show at the ADC or elsewhere must be a CUADC member for insurance reasons. Anybody aged 17 or over and who is studying for a qualification at the University of Cambridge, or who is engaged in full-time study at any other educational institution within Cambridge is eligible for ordinary membership. From time to time special membership may be conferred onto people who do not otherwise qualify for ordinary membership by the committee.


The club is run on behalf of its members by a committee of students. The President must have been a member of the committee the previous year and is elected by that committee, all other roles are elected by club members at the AGM, held in Lent Term. The committee is in charge of show selection and support, as well as organisation of one-off events such as the annual garden party and freshers' squash.