Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society

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One of the resident theatre societies at the ADC, Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society (CUMTS) are a society specialising in musical theatre productions, showcases (known as bar nights) and socials for all those with a love of musicals!

More information about membership and getting involved can be found at the CUMTS website:


CUMTS is headed by a committee of current students which oversees the day to day running of the society. Individual shows are managed by a production team appointed by the committee. Throughout the production, the committee is on hand to offer help and advice and to ensure the show runs smoothly.

The current committee are:

President - Molly-May Keston

Secretary - Eve French

Treasurer - Ben Cisneros

Musicians' Representative - Michael Cullen

General Members - Meg Coslett, Sophie Foote, Alice Jay, Rauri Paterson-Achenbach