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The Genie is the ADC Theatre's MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform), used for working at height in difficult-to-access areas. Essentially it's a basket that you can stand in, motor up or down in and drive around on stage. It's particularly useful during focuses and set painting/dressing. The ADC's Genie is a GR-20 Runabout model.


Nobody should attempt to operate the Genie without first having received a training course from Management and you should always perform the pre-use safety checks and record the result in the log book. The Genie must never be used remotely as a 'crane' to lift heavy items, although work tools, materials and lanterns may be carried in the basket provided there is an occupant. It must also never be driven across the safety curtain or onto the forestage, as these areas are not of appropriate construction or rating to withstand the weight.

The Genie must never be used unless there is a competent person at ground level who can operate the manual lowering valve in an emergency. This is to prevent the risk of entrapment in the event of a failure or machine breakdown. It should also never be driven at full speed as this is considered too fast for the size of the ADC's stage.

The ADC's risk assessment does not require operators to wear a safety harness and lanyard while in the basket. Needless to say you should not climb up on the platform rails or lean out from the basket excessively. The Genie is heavy (1.2 tonnes with an occupant in the basket) and will hurt if it runs over someone's foot!


  • Maximum Working Height: 8.02m
  • Minimum Stowed Height: 1.98m
  • Minimum Stowed Length: 1.35m
  • Machine Width: 80cm
  • Maximum Occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 113kg

For a real-world example, the Genie operator can just about reach the hemp running rail if at full height. See the theatre's website for full CAD plans with dimensions.

More Information

See the manufacturer's website at