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The ADC Theatre has a Panasonic D6000 projector that is semi-permanently rigged on the rear of auditorium bar, although it may be moved and rigged elsewhere with the prior agreement of the theatre's Technical Manager. It is usually fed with a VGA patch from the second monitor output of the Mac Mini in the sound control box. This feed can be previewed from the screen in the control box at the same time as projecting, and the projector is fully network controllable from the Mac Mini via a web browser or QLab.

The ADC also has a smaller projector for use in the Larkum Studio.


The ADC has three lenses for the D6000 which live in the flightcase in the bar roof void when not fitted to the projector.

  • Panasonic Standard Lens 1.8-2.5:1 Zoom Lens
  • Panasonic DLE050 0.1:1
  • Panasonic DLE250 2.4-3.7:1 Zoom Lens


For full stage projection the cyc can be used anywhere downstage of about Counterweight 6 with the projector on the rear of auditorium bar and the narrow angle lens fixed (stored in the plastic box). Other options include rear projecting onto the cyc but you will not be able to get a full stage size image.

The ADC also has a Fast Fold Projection screen which lives in the tab rack and can be used for front or rear projection.

Video in Qlab

Files can be added in much the same way as sound files. To set up video playback go to Preferences>Video and patch Screen 2 to VGA output. Make sure video files have output screen 2 selected and unselect screen 1. Video files can be adjusted to be played full screen or can be scaled and moved by setting the co-ordinates.