Rehearsal Space

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There are number of venues around Cambridge that can provide rehearsal space.

ADC Theatre

The ADC Theatre has a number of rooms that can be booked for rehearsals, auditions, or meetings. Shows that are taking place at the theatre can book rooms themselves using the theatre's room booking system.

Other shows that aren't being staged at the Theatre may also be able to book space - contact a member of the ADC management on [].

Corpus Playroom

The Corpus Playroom has the main stage and two dressing rooms that can be booked. As at the ADC Theatre, shows that are taking place at the Playroom can book rooms themselves using the [ room booking system].

College Space

Some colleges also have nice rooms suitable for rehearsal.

Popular spaces include:

  • Pembroke New Cellars - Pembroke College.
  • Octagon Room - St. Catherines, St. Chads Site.
  • Fitzpatrick Hall - Queens' College.