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This page was created in June 2022 to serve as an archive for the many, many sets that have graced the many stages in Cambridge. It is hosted and managed by the CUADC TD but is open to all and should be self managed by the set designers or TDs of the show. Use it for set drawings and sketch-ups too if you like, whatever you think might be interesting or useful.


  • Always get the photographer's permission
  • Respect the folder structure as seen and don't delete anything that isn't yours!
  • No faces! Any photos with faces will be deleted, but you can use a face blurrer tool if needed. (eg.
  • You must transfer ownership to otherwise the photos won't be saved. After uploading all the photos, select them all, right click and press share. Then press the button next to the TD account that says "editor", and select "transfer ownership". Then do the same for any folders created.
  • Add the show name to the index


You can access the set archive here: