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The Cambridge University European Theatre Group or ETG is a a touring theatre group. It tours a Shakespeare play around Europe for two and a half weeks every December. A company of around 25 students tour with professional lighting and sound equipment, alongside costumes, props and set, enabling the group to put on the show in any venue.

ETG was originally set up in 1957 by a group of students including Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Trevor Nunn performing Romeo and Juliet. The original tour set out in a fruit and veg van, however today's tour is more of a professional endeavour with a fully kitted out coach, a Business Manager dealing with sponsorship, and providing workshops and educational materials to school groups. The educational focus is now a key part of ETG.

Another important aspect of the tour is the cultural experience of staying with host families in each town.

ETG also funds other Cambridge shows, usually around one a term. It is open to applications of any description.

The Tour

Each year the group typically visit twelve venues - ranging from professional theatres, to schools and universities, and even to churches, converted bread-ovens and medieval plague hospitals - and travel through several countries. In the past, the group have performed in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, The Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary, before returning for a London run at the end of the tour and a homerun in Cambridge the following January.

Current Committee

Officer Role Email
Jacob Gaskell Tour Manager
Pauline Eller Business Manager
Edward De'Ath Production Manager
Manon Harvey Director