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Mission Control, or more commonly known as Sundries Store, is a locked cupboard in the ADC Theatre outside the Management Office. For PCI compliance, and to protect the Sundries stock, the cupboard is kept locked; access is via a Management-level keyset.


Sundries is the area on the right as you enter the cupboard, and behind the door inside the cupboard for larger items. It stocks a variety of commonly-used theatrical items needed by shows week in and week out. The bill for purchasing items from sundries will usually go into a show's settlement for ADC shows or shows using ADC Ticketing; this means you don't need to use your own money to purchase. However, as an individual you may purchase in cash for personal use. See the full price list on the Theatre's website.

Prices are generally reasonable, but shows are free to shop around; alternative suppliers include Screwfix and other builders' merchants. Always remember that, as a Management key is needed to get in, you cannot use Sundries outside of Management's office hours. This means that you should buy screws etc. for a get-in the night before, as otherwise it will likely be 11am before you can get more. There is no guarantee that Sundries will have all items in stock: if it is essential that you have an item, buy it in good time so that you have the option of finding another supplier.

The word sundries refers to "items too small or numerous to be specified", which is an apt description of the cupboard's stock!

If you no longer need an item from Sundries after your show has ended, store it in the appropriate place in the ADC Workshop or the Left Over Sundries box in the stage right wing so that other shows can benefit from it.

Mission Control

Mission Control comprises the server rack on the left as you enter the cupboard. It houses a variety of mission-critical equipment, infrastructure and IT systems that allow the Theatre and building to function.