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The scene pit is the lowered area in the middle of the ADC workshop. A little over 16' deep (from floor to the stage), it's the best place to store large, flat pieces of set. The pit is directly beneath the stage, and there are panels in the stage itself which can be removed. This allows access directly from stage to pit, so that set can be winched up. This is known as trap flying.

In addition to storing set that is being prepared for a given show, the scene pit contains the ADC's collection of stock flats. These range in size from 8' to 15'7", and are intended to last several years, being used for multiple shows.


In an alcove off the back of the pit is the museum: a smaller area used for long-term storage. As of late 2018 it contains fabric, a sink, hosepipe, decorative handrail uprights, and the panto 2016 revolve.