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The person taking on the role of Head of Props will be responsible for sourcing or making all props required by the show, and make arrangements to get them to the theatre during the get-in, and removing them during the get-out. Ideally the props should be sourced as early as possible, and made available to the cast to use during rehearsals. You will need to make sure that all of the props meet the health and safety requirements of the theatre that the show is being performed in, which will typically involve flameproofing any flammable props (such as those made from paper or fabric), and taping or wrapping any props that may shatter if dropped.

During the performances, you will need to keep track of all props, ensuring that they are in the correct place at the correct time for the cast who need them, and ensuring that they are returned to the props table after use, so that they are ready for the next time they are needed. More complex shows may require more than one props table, with props being moved between them as necessary for different scenes. This may require planning with the Stage Manager to ensure that suitable space is left in the wings for props tables as needed.

Some shows in Cambridge expect the sourcing of furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, etc.) to be done by the person taking on the role of props, whereas others leave this to the Master Carpenter, Technical Director or Set Designer. You should confirm with the rest of the production team exactly what is to be considered as "props" for each individual show.