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Collective To Do list - feel free to help *hint hint* (10/10/22)

  • loading definition/explanation to counterweights. And make counterweights slightly less "jargon"ic
  • tape lol
  • footlights page?! def a delegation job
  • subsume forestage somehow or flesh out - into [ADC stock]
  • clear up show selection panel and show application page (what did this note mean by this??) - also I know nothing about this
  • decide what to do with the tour show related prod team section. Poss delete, irrelevant 90% of the year? but create tour show page and then put under them and add "productions like [tour shows] may require extra team members...." - ask wta/jaz prob
  • When its made, link from OP quad from Gio and ADC stock - there's an op quad roof void section but no op quad?!
  • 13A and 15A definition/explanation (tech acronyms?)
  • someone sort out the duty manager page/redirect to management which doesn't explain it etc
  • expand/update Fletcher players
  • prod team redirect to production team (thanks charlie)
  • correct my alphabet for tech acronyms
  • ETG redirect to the actual ETG page (which will solve the publicity link)
  • VGA in tech acronyms
  • Add director and choreo pages (ty Rishi+Issy)
  • add Stewarding to get involved
  • 16 hour rule definition +timing-out
  • student writing page -speak to CUADC writers rep
  • update publicity - but someone more qualified/second opinion pls check
  • update photography
  • sign post the CTTRs drive?
  • gio definition/explanation something - mh2185 - EOS?
  • sound design handbook discussion (maybe w/Alex) - stb47/tm746
  • categorise pages - e.g. all lighting pages
  • left over sundries (link in sundries, no way does it need its own page)

 :)) = Other people sorting/ed  :)) = I'm currently-ish sorting  :)) = (I think) done  :)) = I've asked the relevant people to contribute