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The ADC Theatre (Amateur Dramatic Club Theatre) is the main student theatre in Cambridge, a white and blue building near close to Jesus College. Officially the building is owned by CUADC and held under trust, but is managed as a department of the University itself. The auditorium has a capacity of 228 and usually hosts two shows a night during University Term, at 7.45pm (mainshow) and 11.00pm (lateshow). The Larkum Studio (capacity 40) and ADC Bar (capacity 50) can also be used for performances. Show Applications for student productions open about half-way through the term before. Hirers are charged on a box office split system, with the theatre taking 37% (+VAT) of gross income and an additional 9% (+VAT) as ticket commission.

The majority of technical info about the ADC can be found on the theatre's website, and it would be silly to duplicate it here (since that would just mean that one place or the other would be likely to become out of date the next time there is a change). But the theatre's website only contains "hard" specifications and so on, not hints and tips on how to achieve things.

General Information

  • The proscenium arch is 21'10" wide and 12'5" high.
  • The maximum stage depth is 36'5".
  • The load-in doors are 3'8" x 7'2" and are on the first floor
  • The auditorium seats 228, and has disabled access.
  • There is eduroam WiFi provided throughout the building.
  • There are two backstage dressing rooms:
    • Dressing Room 1 (DR1) which is used by the mainshow
    • Dressing Room 2 (DR2) which is used by the lateshow.

The access to stage from the dressing rooms is to Stage Left. Entrances can be made directly onto the main stage, or onto the forestage through a Juliet. Similar entrances can be made from Stage Right if a get-round is created behind the stage backdrop.

Load-in access is via a straight staircase from the theatre yard, with a 90-degree left turn at the top in order to pass into the front row of the auditorium. Particularly large items of set can be flown onto stage through the stage traps (11'7" x 3'4"). Access should be checked carefully if large items of set are being used.

The venue has a fly tower, with counterweight and hemp systems for flown set. The theatre owns a selection of flying equipment. There is a fully-equipped workshop for building set, which ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom shows can use for free.

Rooms and Spaces

Box Office

Where you buy tickets and collect pre-paid tickets before a performance. The box office might also accept refund for sold-out shows.


A great social place for Cambridge Theatre Community with relatively cheap drinks. Located on the first floor of the theatre. It is occasionally booked out for bar performances or society events. The bar is usually closed on a Saturday night and only opens to the company of a show after the get-out is finished around Sunday early a.m.. Offers show cocktails that are specially tailored for adc mainshows.


The auditorium seats 228, and has disabled access. Often has 2 performances every night: an adc mainshow starting from 7:45pm and an adc lateshow starting from 11:00pm.

Larkum Studio

A performance space which can also be used for rehearsal and audition. To access the studio, go upstairs from the box office to the first floor, go through the bar and turn left. Keep going forward and you'll see the entrance on your right hand side.

The following rooms has a Digital Door Lock and entering requires tapping a pre-authorized Camcard for safety reasons (and they are inaccessible April-September 2018 due to the theatre renovation). If you wish to gain access to the following area to be more involved the Cambridge theatre, to attend an audition, for example, ask the box office assistant to help you unlock the door on the left of the box office and go through into the Management Office. You can authorize your Camcard by tapping it on a machine in the Management Office. If unsure, ask someone around in the theatre and they are certainly happy to help you out!

Production Office

The office for the theatre management team. Office hour are generally 1pm-7pm Monday-Sunday.


Another social space for the theatre community with cozy sofas, a desk, some toys (including a stuffed lion!) and a collection of past show posters. Can be also used for production meetings, casual meetings, etc. There are two ways to access the clubroom:

  • Tap your Camcard to open the door on the left to the box office and go through the narrow corridor.
  • Enter the theatre through the back gate, go through the yard, and enter through the door with 'Student Clubroom'. Knock on the door or tap your Camcard to enter.

There is also a gyp next to the clubroom. Please write your name or the show name on any food stuff you leave in the fridge and please help keep it tidy! One part of the get-out is to clear up the gyp.

Computer Room

Located next to the Clubroom. Has four computers available for use by anyone putting on a show at the ADC Theatre. All have Adobe Photoshop and InDesign installed. A folder will be created for your show which you should use for storing all files related to your show. These files are accessible from any of the computers. Please do not store files anywhere else on the computers as they are liable to get deleted.

You can print documents from those computers using a "show code". Ask your producer if you need to print something show-related.

A space for production meetings and Paper Tech if it's hard to book a room.


Where all the set are built. To access this room, enter through the back gate of the theatre or through the computer room.


The back stage area contains two dressing room:

  • Dressing Room 1 (DR1) which is used by the mainshow
  • Dressing Room 2 (DR2) which is used by the lateshow.

The Dressing Room are separated by a Green Room with some seating, an audiovisual stage relay, and three toilets. Each dressing room has a shower located off it, as well as two sinks with electric shaver sockets. DR1 also has a washing machine and tumble drier, which are available for use (although are primarily provided for laundering theatre-owned items). During the day, they can be used for auditions, rehearsals and meetings. You can access the backstage area through a door written "Stage Door" in the yard.

Room Booking

The Theatre bar, Larkum Studio, dressing rooms and stage area may be used for rehearsals or meetings dependent upon availability. There is an online booking diary where you can check the availability and book space for your show at [1]. You will need to have created an entry on Camdram before you can log in to book rooms. This facility is only available for productions taking place at the ADC Theatre.

Productions are allocated 12 hours per week for rehearsals. If you require extra time you should contact the theatre's Production Manager.

Theatre Management

The University employ six members of staff to keep things running smoothly. They are here to help and act to co-ordinate the activities of all those using the Theatre.

  • Theatre Manager - Vicky Collins
  • Operations Manager - Jack Rowan
  • Production Manager - Ellie Mitchell
  • Technical Manager - Nat Davies
  • Office Administrator - Jenna Hirst
  • Box Office Administrator - Anna Perry

Technical Details


The ADC Theatre has over 200 lanterns. Control for these provided through an ETC Ion console with a Nomad Puck running tracking backup. There are 138 permanently-installed dimmers and 6 switch circuits, most of which terminate in the patch-bay although some are hard-patched to Front of House positions or Socapex outlets. Up to an additional 6 Strand Act 6 dimmer packs are available from the theatre management, making a total of 174 available channels using in-house equipment. Additional dimmers can be added using D54 or DMX or analogue control.


The main auditorium has a fixed FoH sound rig of paired D&B Ci90 Tops and C7 Sub-bass speakers, mounted either side of the proscenium arch. The mixing position is a control box at the rear of the auditorium, and control is given though a Yamaha CL3. Tie lines are installed to all areas of the stage and auditorium, as well as dressing rooms, FoH and the bar. These terminate in a Bantam patch pannel, along with the mixing desk, in the control box. Amplifiers are located above the auditorium, and can be patched to various Speakon outlets around the stage. The theatre also owns a selection of microphones for instrument and vocal use, several DI boxes and a stage piano. There are 12 Sennheiser G3 Radio Microhpnes.

Production Resources

The Theatre has a sundries store that keeps a stock of useful consumable items that can be purchased by productions. A full stock list and price list can be found on their website.

The ADC has four Computers available for use by anyone putting on a show at the ADC Theatre. All have Adobe Photoshop and InDesign installed. A folder will be created for your show which you should use for storing all files related to your show. These files are accessible from any of the computers. Please do not store files anywhere else on the computers as they are liable to get deleted.

The Theatre has a photocopier that productions are welcome to use. You should have received a four-digit photocopier code, which will allow you to photocopy, print and scan documents as necessary. The printer can produce A5 and A4 booklets as well as A4 and A3 sheets. The user code tracks how many sheets have been printed and we will charge the cost through to the show settlement. We also have a large format printer that produces the A1 posters we use around our Front of House. Productions are welcome to make use of it if needed.

There is a laminator that can be used to laminate posters to be put up around town. It will laminate from anything up to A3. Cable ties for attaching posters to railings can be purchased from Sundries.

The Theatre has a credit account with a number of different companies, including timber merchants and print houses. You can order goods on account by getting an order number from us and inform one of the management team. The Theatre will then pay the company from which you have purchased and deduct the relevant amount from your settlement. Deliveries to the theatre should be made between 11am and 7pm any day.