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Show selection panel happens every term, and it is how shows for the next term are programmed. It is headed by the theatre manager and usually has at least one other member of management on it. The Presidents of CUADC and The Fletcher Players also are on it, with a number of other students from either these societies or others, such as the Trans Theatre Collective, are often invited.

The panel takes place over two weekends.

Students are invited to pitch shows in the capacity of either writer, director or producer.

The ADC advise one pitch a term, however this is not a rule.

Initial pitches are five minutes long. After this, the applicant will be sent questions from the panel to answer either over email or in a twenty minute interview the following weekend, if they are pitching for an ADC Mainshow. All shows are considered, all scripts are read, and feedback is given to everyone who pitched, successful or not.